The reason why we created is so that we can enlighten students who need to hire writing services with information that enables them to tell the difference between a reputable writing service and a rogue writing company that is out to take advantage of their innocence. We felt the need to act because we saw the state that the writing industry is presently in. With thousands of writing companies flooding the Internet and all of them claiming that their services are affordable and of high quality, we saw the challenge that students experience each day as they try to find services they can trust to help them complete their assignments. The simple fact that there are more sham writing companies online than there are reputable ones means that the chances of students falling into the hands of rogue companies were much higher.

This problem is what informed the creation of, an open platform that is out to educate students so as to enable them tell the difference between ‘fake’ writing companies and reputable companies that can produce the high quality services that they are need in need of in a consistent manner. This site sensitizes students about the characteristics that trustworthy writing companies have and what they need to look for in their search. Students who go online hoping to find quality writing company need to specifically pay attention to how content is presented on the writing company’s website. Native English Speakers in many times develop the content for most reputable companies and their websites are often done in a very professional manner.

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Other clues that tell whether a company is credible can be seen in its communication avenues. Look for availability of chat or telephone services because reputable companies often use those in customer support. The order form is an important document to check because it will help set a good company apart. Credible companies are very specific when it comes to capturing details like formatting styles, sources of reviews and level of study. They go beyond asking for the length of document, deadline and writing genre. These are companies that are careful about maintaining their client base for a long time and they are happy to solve any concerns that customers raise. This means that a redress strategy will often be available so students need to check for this and use it tell the credibility of a company. Other crucial factors that students should check include written work samples, interactions with writers, the competence and qualifications of writers and make an effort to review customer feedback from those who have used those services previously.

Further, we invite students visit and find information that will help them determine whether a writing service is good or not. Here, they will have access to detailed reports that contain results of research and customer reviews on individual writing companies. The reports will enable students to see how different companies rank against the qualities that are most important to students such as price, accessibility to customers, and meeting deadlines. We have videos and website links to the best writing services on this page so students can get more information about them easily.